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The new iPhone is almost here, will be launched on 16 September. Apple is soon going to open their doors for the new generation of iPhone 7. The new buzz on the global sites already have so many rumors and leaks about the upcoming iPhone. All these rumors or

leaks may not be true, but come can to certain extend based on the leaved photos and videos over the internet from developers. This iPhone 7 would be one of the most anticipated one and it will be a third September release of iPhones by Apple Inc. in a row. All these rumors and leaks works as an eye opener to the users to speculate the interesting and new features that iPhone would be having. These even may work for the accessories producers to start laying their dimensions for the unique and quirky skins for the iPhone 7.



  1. iPhone 7 would be launching in two more different variants, one like in the previous model of iPhone 6, a plus variant and this time Apple has launched the ultimate variants of best of his products which would be a PRO variant.
  2. Off course there would be major modifications in the variants, like iPhone 7 would be having only 4.7 inches of screen where as both the other variants would be having the screen size of 5.5 inches, a much bigger version of the iPhone 7.
  3. All the iPhone 7 variants would be working on iOS 10 and would be having a A10 chipset to make it the fastest iPhone ever. If we talk about the iPhone unlike previous models the base storage space for iPhone 7 would be 32GB and there are rumors that for iPhone 7 PRO variant it could even go as high as 256GB, if that would be the case it will be having enough storage to add huge data into one device.
  4. Let’s move on towards the camera, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus would be having a 12-megapixel camera lens, but the iPhone 7 Pro variant would be having a dual camera lens to click the photos and videos in a DSLR quality, and would be having major photography features.
  5. The battery backup of iPhone 7 would be 15 % more than the previous model of iPhone 6S and the power backup for iPhone 7 plus and iPhone 7 Pro would be 25 % than iPhone 7, by this the Pro and the Plus variant would be having the best of storage and battery backup that Apple can offer.

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There are many more rumors that are on the internet but at least the above ones have some certainty to them, beside above mentioned ones, if we get any more reports we will be posting that soon!


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